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Lee Jennings Memorial Activity Marathon

In early April 2020, Geoff ZL3GA announced an activity marathon as a means of engaging amateurs as New Zealand went into a four-week lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. An outline can be found at: http://zl3x.com/marathon/ To quote Geoff … Continue reading

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Another VKFF Hunter Award step – 1700 parks worked

2020 has been a poor year for the VKFF Hunter. Combine the very ordinary propagation due to slowly coming out of the Solar Minimum (recently confirmed as having occurred in December 2019) together with heavy restrictions due to the COVID19 … Continue reading

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Some new SOTA awards earned

For quite some time, the SOTA awards scheme has been operating on a very restricted basis. A few weeks ago, resumption of the issuing of Awards certificates was announced. Each certificate still has a cost, but now one can apply … Continue reading

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Latest VKFF certificate – HR 1675

With all the hot weather and a very long fire season in the eastern half of Australia, the number of Parks activations has been low. That has slowed progress in building new Parks Hunted…. A few days ago, I checked … Continue reading

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More VKFF wallpaper

My latest VKFF certificate arrived this morning, which prompted me to add some recent certificates to the blog. National Wattle Day A special event promoted by National Coordinator Paul VK5PAS. The weather forecast for the day was for a reasonable … Continue reading

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Latest WWFF Hunter certificate: 1644

Today I received the latest WWFF Hunter certificate for having worked 1644  different references. Many of the usual Activators feature in the more recent references worked, including Mike VK6MB, Gerard VK2IO, Scott VK4CZ, Rob VK4AAC/VK2VH, Neil VK4HNS, Marija VK5FMAZ, Paul … Continue reading

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VKFF Hunter Award Honour Roll 1600

The latest Hunter Honour Roll certificate has arrived arrived from Paul VK5PAS via Peter VK3ZPF: 1600 VKFF references worked. Another great photo from Paul, this time one of his colourful feathered friends: a Rainbow Lorikeet  in Shepherds Hill Recreation Park … Continue reading

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VKFF Hunter Award Honour Roll 1575

The latest certificate for VKFF Hunter Honour Roll has arrived. 12 of the last 25 qualifying contacts were with Mike VK6MB/3 9 were with Gerard VK2IO/8 2 with Rob VK4HAT and one each with Peter VK3TKK/p and Greg VK4VXX/p. Thanks … Continue reading

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Three new Parks certificates

The last few weeks have been busy for Hunters participating in the VKFF and WWFF award schemes here in Australia. A number of activators have been out and about, but most notable are Gerard VK2IO who has worked his way … Continue reading

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Four more VKFF certificates

Despite being winter, weather conditions in SE Australia have been relatively mild. Rainfall continues to be sparse, with much of the country experiencing drought. Mornings have been cold but there have been many sunny days with afternoon temperatures into the … Continue reading

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