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Recent VKFF Award certificates – May 2023

Parks activation activity has been high over the last couple of months in Australia. Combined with reasonable favourable propagation, my Hunter tally of VKFF references has increased. I qualified for 2075 step award on 1 March 2023, the 2100 step … Continue reading

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Two Gippsland HEMA summits

2 April 2022 Saturday 2 April 2022 was promoted as International HEMA Day. Despite the poor weather outlook locally, I decided to head out to activate a HEMA summit in West Gippsland. I have submitted a list of candidate summits … Continue reading

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VKFF 2021 yearly Awards

I recently received two awards from the VKFF National Representative. Each year, the VKFF team recognises the top 10 Activators and Hunters for the previous calendar year. In 2021, there was a high number of activations, despite the various lockdowns … Continue reading

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A new VKFF Hunter certificate

I have just received another VKFF Hunter Honour Roll Award certificate: 1975 VKFF references worked. The latest 25 references have come thanks to 13 different Activators:Ian VK1DIBob VK2BYFGerald VK2HBG (2)Gavin VK2YAK (2)Adam VK2YKTony VK3CATTony VK3XVRob VK4AACDeryck VK4FDJL (3)Bob VK4HRE (2)Marty … Continue reading

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A notable contact with VK0

The latest issue of Amateur Radio magazine (Vol 89, No 5 2021) has a theme of Australian amateur radio involvement in Antarctica. A link appeared on a Facebook group to a QSL card for two contacts made on 50 MHz … Continue reading

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Another VKFF Hunter Honour Roll Award – 1900 entities worked

The past couple of months have seen a reduction in the number of Activators who have been able to venture into the field to activate, primarily due to movement restrictions imposed by the responses of various state governments to the … Continue reading

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VKFF Hunter Awards Honour Roll 1825 and 1850

In between the various lock downs and other movement restrictions due to COVID19 over recent weeks and months, Australia amateurs have been lucky that restrictions have occurred in different states at different times. So if one has been unable to … Continue reading

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Lee Jennings Memorial Activity Marathon

In early April 2020, Geoff ZL3GA announced an activity marathon as a means of engaging amateurs as New Zealand went into a four-week lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. An outline can be found at: http://zl3x.com/marathon/ To quote Geoff … Continue reading

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Another VKFF Hunter Award step – 1700 parks worked

2020 has been a poor year for the VKFF Hunter. Combine the very ordinary propagation due to slowly coming out of the Solar Minimum (recently confirmed as having occurred in December 2019) together with heavy restrictions due to the COVID19 … Continue reading

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Some new SOTA awards earned

For quite some time, the SOTA awards scheme has been operating on a very restricted basis. A few weeks ago, resumption of the issuing of Awards certificates was announced. Each certificate still has a cost, but now one can apply … Continue reading

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