VKFF 2021 yearly Awards

I recently received two awards from the VKFF National Representative. Each year, the VKFF team recognises the top 10 Activators and Hunters for the previous calendar year.

In 2021, there was a high number of activations, despite the various lockdowns and restrictions due to the COVID19 pandemic.

2021 Top Activator Award

I was not expecting to be near the top of the list for this award, given the very tough restrictions in place in Victoria for much of the year. I activated 55 references with at least 10 contacts from each reference, making me equal fifth in the top 10 Activators. Gerard VK2IO was way out in front with 274 references activated, helped by the fact that he managed to escape NSW just before lockdowns began, and subsequently spent several weeks activating Parks in Queensland.

My certificate for being the fifth placed Top Activator in VKFF for 2021. The certificate features an image of a Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo taken by Paul VK5PAS.

2021 Top Hunter Award

Given the extensive lockdowns in Victoria, there was plenty of time available to be in the radio shack during 2021. As a result, I was able to make contact with those Activators who were able to be out and about in the field. I managed to Hunt 912 different VKFF references during the year.

My certificate or being the Top VKFF Hunter in 2021. The photo shows a White Faced Heron. Photo by Paul VK5PAS.

Thanks to all the Activators and Hunters who participated during 2021. Special thnaks go to the volunteers who make up the VKFF Admin Team and especially to National Coordinator Paul VK5PAS.

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  1. Paul VK5PAS says:

    Hi Peter,


    73 and ’44’,

    Paul VK5PAS.

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