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2021 Hotham SOTA Summit postscript

Tuesday 8 February 2021 I was away from Wodonga a little later than desired, but headed south to Porepunkah, then south into the Buckland Valley. I stopped along the way to chase Compton on Mount Big Ben VK3/VE-105. I drove … Continue reading

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Mount Murray and The Twins

Sunday 29 December 2019 It was to be another hot day in Wodonga, with the temperature predicted to reach the high 30s. I decided to head out to activate a couple of summits on the Great Dividing Range south of … Continue reading

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2018 Hotham SOTA Summit – Saturday

Saturday 2 February 2018 The aim was a reasonably early yet civilised start time. People were up and moving around the lodge from around 0700 local time. Discussions late on Friday evening indicated that there were to be probably three … Continue reading

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Three new summits in the Victorian Alps

Monday was another day in the hills. The plan was to head towards Mount Hotham and to then travel along the Twins Road to pick up two summits not previously activated. Twins Road climbs steeply from the junction of the … Continue reading

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