Another VKFF Hunter Honour Roll Award – 1900 entities worked

The past couple of months have seen a reduction in the number of Activators who have been able to venture into the field to activate, primarily due to movement restrictions imposed by the responses of various state governments to the COVID19 pandemic.

Some Activators have been out, most notably in Queensland. A small number of Activators have been out in NSW and Victoria, when restrictions allowed.

According to the Logsearch system, my next step in the VKFF Hunter Honour Roll Award was reached on 18 August 2021, when contacts were recorded by Daryl VK3AWA and Deryck VK4FDJL. The addition of the last log was seen by me on 22 August, when I checked the Logsearch system.

Of course, I have made a few other contacts in the last two months as a Hunter, but with entities which I had previously worked.

So particular thanks on this occasion to the following Activators, with whom I made contacts to gain the latest 25 new entities worked:

Rob VK4AAC/P        8 entities
Deryck VK4FDJL      6 entities
Gerard VK2IO/P        5 entities
Daryl VK3AWA        2 entities
Gerald VK2HBG/P    2 entities
Bob VK2BYF/P         1 entity
Dean VK3KXR/P       1 entity

Thanks to all Activators and a big thank you to all the admin team members here in VK and at the global level.

The VKFF Hunter Award Honour Roll 1900 certificate

Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area Award

VKFF National Coordinator Paul VK5PAS also recently reminded everyone of a special Award for activating or working activators operating from one or more of the eight National Parks which make up the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, during November and December 2020 as part of the 20th Anniversary of declaration of the World Heritage area.

I checked my logs and found that I had worked two qualifying Parks during that period and therefore claimed the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area – the 20th anniversary of World Heritage Listing Award.

The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area 20th anniversary Hunter certificate

Thanks to Paul VK5PAS and the VKFF Team and the Activators who made the effort to activate the Parks.

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