Mount Barandudah

28 December 2018

The heat wave was forecast to continue, with temperatures expected to reach around 40. I had a slow start to the day and checked the SOTA Alerts. I noted that Sid and Adele were due to be out in SE Queensland but what really caught my attention was that Sam VK2GPL was going to activate Mt Perseverance VK4/SE-024. I had activated this summit in April 2017 and I do not believe that anyone else had been there as yet, so this was a chance to bag a Complete.

I headed off just after 1100 local and headed around to Boyes Road and Burgess Lane. The two gates were open, saving short efforts in the heat to open and close the gates. I drove up Darmodys Track and Cobs Track to reach Baranduda Range Track. I stopped and quickly posted an Alert, but posted the wrong summit code – sorry folks! I then headed generally west. The tracks were more rutted than on my last visit with more exposed rocks and some quite rough sections. I made it through to track junction just before the Park boundary and parked close to the track junction.

Mount Baranduda VK3/VE-189 775 m 4 points
Baranduda Regional Park VKFF-0959

I set up with a line over a tree and the folding table and camp chair, with the KX2 to a LiFePO4 battery. I was about to spot myself when I saw that Sid and Adele were on air, as was Ian VK1DI/2. I opted to work Ian first and soon had a Park to Park in the log – Ian was in VKFF-0312. I had to look up the Park and Summit references whilst chatting with Ian. Ian offered the frequency to me, as he was about to close. I thanked Ian but declined, noting that I may come back after hopefully making contact with Adele VK4/ZS5APT & Sid VK4/ZS5AYC. I then moved down to 7.090 and waited my chance to join the pile up chasing Sid & Adele. I eventually made the contacts: 54 sent and 42 received from them both on VK4/SE-011. I am not sure if they were inside the Park or not…..

I then moved down to 40 m CW and spotted myself. Eleven minutes saw six contacts in the log. I saw a spot from Sam Vk2GPL/4, so moved up to his frequency and worked him on SSB on Mt Perseverance VK4/SE-024– a new Chaser Unique and Complete. I moved up the band to find Tony VK5FBIC in Anstey Hill recreation Park VKFF-1683. It was hard work, but we made the contact. I moved down to 7.135, spotted myself on SSB and started calling. 30 minutes of calling saw the tally grow to 30 stations. With that total and a Park to Park in the log, I decided to keep calling. The temperature was around 30, but the breeze was cooling and the sun was behind cloud most of the time. A short move to 20 m SSB bagged five contacts before a final push on 40 m SSB saw the total rise to 47 contacts. I packed up and headed back the way I had come and back to Wodonga. The pack up was a little warmer, as the sun broke through the clouds.

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