Two significant Awards received

6 June 2022

On Saturday morning last, I received a message from Marty VK4KC that his latest logs had been uploaded to the WWFF Logsearch database. This prompted me to log in to Logsearch and to check my tally of references hunted.

I soon had two new award applications submitted.

VKFF Hunter Award Honour Roll 2000

This award is for Hunters who have worked 2000 different VKFF references. The Honour Roll awards are made in increments of 25 references, with the initial award at 100 references worked.

The latest 25 references came in just under one month. The references were activated by eight Activators:

VK4KC – 14 references
VK2IO/p – 5 references
VK2BYF – 1 reference
VK2MET – 1 reference
VK3BYD/p – 1 reference
VK3DL – 1 reference
VK4EMP – 1 reference
VK4FDJL – 1 reference

Thanks to all Activators who have been out in the field, but especially to those who gave me new references.

The VKFF Hunter Award (Honour Roll) 2000 certificate.

The certificate features another photograph from Paul VK5PAS.

WWFF Hunter Certificate 2044

The WWFF Hunter certificates are awarded in increments of 100 references worked once the Hunter has reached 144 references. The latest 100 references were worked over the period 20December 2021 to 3 June 2022. Most of the references were in VK, with six ZL references, one DL reference and one new JA reference.

Again, thanks to all the Activators.

The WWFF Hunter certificate 2044.

Special thanks go to all the Administration team members whose work support the WWFF programs.

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