Gobur and Yarck Nature Conservation Reserves

Sunday 3 June 2018

It was time to head for home and I considered my route options. Mum wanted help with some tasks, so I did not get away until almost 1000 local. I decided to head back down the Hume Highway after filling the fuel tank. I stopped in Euroa briefly to buy some lunch and then headed to Creightons Creek and on to Terip Terip, then down Terip Road towards Yarck.

Gobur Nature Conservation Reserve VKFF-2096 Not previously activated

The main road is not part of the Reserve. I parked between the reserve sign – Gobur Flora Reserve – and the nearby gate on a track heading north through the reserve. I quickly set up by tossing a line over a tree branch.

I made a good start to the activation: a Park to Park (P2P) contact with Bill VK4FW in VKFF-1474. I found a clear frequency on 40 m, spotted myself and started calling. The Hunters started replying quickly, with John VK5BJE first in the line-up. Soon after were Rob VK4AAC/3 and Peter VK3ZPF together in French Island National Park VKFF-0622 and then Gerard VK2JNG/p in VKFF-1165. 18 minutes later I worked Neil VK4HNS/p in VKFF-1675 on 20 m. Back on 40 m I managed to work Ben VK7BEN/p on Mt Wellington VK7/SC-001. I then swapped to 80 m SSB to again work Rob & Peter on French Island plus several others around VK3 and VK2. With 45 stations in the log, I shut down and packed up.

Yarck Nature Conservation Reserve VKFF-2241 Not previously activated

Only 4.4 km down the road from the previous activation you start to pass through the Yarck NCR, with road again excluded from the reserve for most of the transit. I found a spot near the southern end of the transit where I could pull off the road onto a flattish area and set up there, definitely off the road reserve and in the Park.

I started on 80 m SSB, with Rob & Peter on French Island first in the log. I soon had six in the log on 80 m.

I swapped to 40 m SSB, working Matt VK4FMHT in VKFF-1663 and Bill VK4FW/p now in VKFF-1190. A little after 0500Z, I chased Nick VK3ANL/p in VKFF-2195 on 80 m both SSB and CW. With no further callers, I returned to 40 m for a few more, then one single contact on 20 m. Back to 40 m again to work Bill VK4FW/p, now in VKFF-0674. I moved slightly up the band and worked a couple more, including VK18FIFA. It took quite some time to reach the magical 44 contacts, with several band changes to attempt to work other activators. Back to 80 m again, hoping for some more VK3 stations, and managed to work another eight stations. I ended up with 49 in the log over an activation of about 2.5 hours. I packed up and headed down to Yarck and then started the long trip home.

Thanks to all who chased me during the day – two new references activated breaking up the long drive.

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