A Saturday afternoon drive to Briagalong

Saturday 13 May 2023

After a busy afternoon on Friday, I was slow off the mark on Saturday morning. I spent the morning chasing activators from home. After 1300 local, I finally decided to head off for another new Park. I packed the required gear in the car and headed for Rosedale. After a short stop to grab a late lunch, the route was then to Tinamba, Newry, Boisdale and Briagalong. It was then north to Freestone Creek Road and into The Quarries Reserve, which is part of the target Park.

VKFF-3695 George Creek Streamside Reserve

I had driven past this reserve many times, but this was the first time that I stopped at the site. I drive down to the picnic and camping area. Mobile phone coverage was marginal, so I drove back up closer to the entrance and found a spot where I could park off the access track. Mobile coverage was slightly better, so I set up where I was parked. I soon had a line over a tree branch and once again set up the IC-7300 on the tailgate.

Satellite view of the Reserve boundary. Thanks to Google Earth.

I heard a loud signal a little off frequency when I switched on the radio. I soon had my first contact for the activation, working Daryl VK3AWA in VKFF-0747 on 40 m SSB. I moved up the band to look for a clear frequency. I asked if the frequency was in use and was immediately called by Gerard VK2IO. I then spotted myself and quickly worked another 12 stations. With no responses to another CQ call, I jumped to 30 m SSB to again work Daryl VK3AWA for a new band.

I next spent 10 minutes calling on 17 m CW, working Jess W6LEN and Steve KG5CIK. I then dropped back to 40 m to hunt Dean VK3DL in VKFF-3753. A friend then called me as I was signing off with Dean. I moved to a clear frequency and exchanged reports, then went to 80 m briefly before again working on 20 m. After a brief chat, I noticed that Daryl VK3AWA was on 20 m, so I hunted Daryl for another band slot. I then returned to 17 m CW, working a Belgian and two Finnish stations.

I dropped back to 40 m SSB to hunt Graham VK3ZSC in VKFF-0132. I then went to 40 m CW to hunt Chris VK1CT in VKFF-0859. I moved up the band slightly and spotted and was soon called by Dean VK3DL for another P2P. Dean was followed by KG5CIK and W6LEN, plus DL2ND. Another mode change to hunt Tony VK3YV in VKFF-3748 on 40 m SSB, another of the new Parks. Things then became slightly confusing. Andy VK5LA called for a P2P, so I asked him to move up 5 kHz. We worked and then Peter VK3ZPF called with another P2P. I found that I had moved up onto Peter’s spotted frequency… Peter and I exchanged reports and I moved further up. I spotted and worked another 16 contacts. I then returned to 40 m CW, working seven more calls. I finished the activation with some contacts with a friend in Maffra on 15, 10 and 6 m. It was now after 1700 local and the temperature was dropping. I closed down and packed up.

I headed for home, with 68 contacts in the log. Thanks to all who called.

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