Latest certificates earned

Several certificates have arrived in the past few days via email or logging on to the POTA website. Below are some examples.

SOTA Shack Sloth Chaser 40,000

This certificate marks reaching a Chaser score of 40,000 points earned by working SOTA Activators.

SOTA Chaser 40,000 points certificate

VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 1950

All amateurs who are regular Chasers / Hunters are well aware of the increased activity as we move to the new “COVID normal”. Increased freedoms, especially with regard to movement and travel, have allowed Activators to venture out or increase their travel distances. There have been many more activations in recent weeks: SOTA, VKFF, SiOTA, KRMNPA, etc.

I am sure that I have missed several activations, especially due to propagation, but also due to me being out activating and missing stations whilst travelling. Such is life – one cannot simply sit in the shack forever!

My latest certificate came from contacts made over a six week period from late October.

VKFF Hunter Award Honour Roll 1950 references worked

Thanks to all the Activators worked during that period, with special thanks to those who gave me new Parks hunted:

VK2IO/P        4 Parks
VK2BYF        2 Parks
VK2KNV/P    1 Park
VK2PKT/P     1 Park
VK2XSE/P     1 Park
VK2YAK/P    1 Park
VK3AWA      1 Park
VK3OAK       1 Park
VK3UAO       1 Park
VK3YV          2 Parks
VK3ZPF         1 Park
VK4AAC       3 Parks
VK4FDJL       1 Park
VK4HRE        2 Parks
VK4KC/P       1 Park
VK7QP/P        2 Parks

POTA Awards

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Parks On The Air is compatible with VKFF/WWFF participation. I strongly support the VKFF and WWFF programs, but one can collect additional “wallpaper” by also participating in the POTA program. Like VKFF/WWFF, only the Activator submits logs for POTA. Therefore, Hunter awards will only be earned if the Activators submit their POTA-compliant logs to POTA.

I have no desire to fragment our growing group of operators participating in the existing Award schemes within Australia. I urge Australian Park Activators to Alert, activate and spot primarily under the VKFF banner. Feel free to also promote your activities with POTA if you so wish, in addition to VKFF. I do encourage Activators to submit their logs to both VKFF and POTA.

Submit your logs in the normal manner for VKFF after an activation. So that you can submit a compliant log, you need to edit your logs after saving them with a POTA-compatible name so that the logs comply with the POTA log submission format. This simply involves replacing all MY_SIG and SIG instances of “WWFF” with “POTA”, plus replacing the MY_SIG_INFO and SIG_INFO references with the POTA reference for the Park activated or worked. The POTA reference can be found on the page for the Park, currently the last line of information before the satellite image for the Park. For example: Tomaree National Park VKFF-0490 has a POTA ID of VK-1697. Once you have completed the transformation into POTA format (including the format for the file name), you can submit the log to POTA.

There is plenty of information on the POTA website under the “Help/Getting Started” menu. You can see current Spots, planned Activations, your Awards and your logbook on the pages. You will need to register to see your Awards and Logbook.

There are plenty of Awards available. As with VKFF and WWFF, Hunters are reliant upon Activators submitting their logs.

POTA Support Your Parks Hunter Award

This certificate is awarded for making contacts as a Hunter during a “Support Your Parks” event, typically held once per quarter. You need to keep an eye on the POTA pages to know when the events are scheduled, then work an Activator who is participating in the event.

POTA Support Your Parks Hunter Award Autumn 2021


The Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio scheme recognises operations where a station is established at a site, the operator makes at least five (5) contacts, then packs up and moves to a new site, and does it all again. Each movement to an operating site is a transition. Depending upon the mode of transport, a transition must meet a minimum movement distance. Certificates are awarded based on the number of transitions completed in a 24 hour period. Note that your move to the first activation site counts as your first transition.

The easiest way to earn awards under this scheme is to combine the RaDAR mode with activating for VKFF / WWFF. Travel to and set up in a Park and make at least 10 contacts from the Park. Making at least 10 contacts means that you qualify for VKFF awards. Close your station, pack up and move to a new Park. Set up your station and work at least 10 stations. Continue this process as you see fit, up to a maximum of 12 transitions in a 24 hour period.

Warthog Award

POTA RaDAR Warthog Award

Two RaDAR* transitions at or between entities during a 24 hour period.

Rhino Award

POTA RaDAR Rhino Award

Three RaDAR* transitions at or between entities during a 24 hour period.

Cheetah Award

POTA RaDAR Cheetah Award

Five RaDAR* transitions at or between entities during a 24 hour period.

Ostrich Award

POTA RaDAR Ostrich Award

Seven RaDAR* transitions at or between entities during a 24 hour period.

Leopard Award

Ten RaDAR* transitions at or between entities during a 24 hour period.

I will attempt to earn this award in the future.

Lion Award

POTA RaDAR Lion Award

Twelve RaDAR* transitions at or between entities during a 24 hour period.

I earned the Lion Award during the recent VKFF Activation Weekend. I headed off on Sunday morning and finished the twelfth activation just over 9 hours after the first contact for the day. My previous blog entry gives an account of the weekend.

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