10th KRMPNA Activity Weekend 2021 – postscript

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Tony VK3XV / VK3VTH had announced a special Award for the 10th running of the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award (KRMNPA) Activity Weekend.

Two special Operating Awards were sponsored by Amateur Radio Victoria, one each for the Top Activator and the Top Hunter across the 48 Hour weekend period. The Rules meant that some contacts which were valid for VKFF / WWFF purposes were not valid for the Operating Awards. My approach was to work everyone one that I could and to then “massage” the final log to remove the contacts which were invalid for the Operating Awards.

Tony VK3XV announced the outcome of the Operating Awards on 17 May 2021. It then took quite some time for the physical awards to be prepared and posted, a process impacted by further COVID19 restrictions.

Tony announced the Awards as follows:

The winning Activator is Peter VK3PF/P…………  Peter put in a truly mammoth effort, requiring much accurate planning (and even more accurate driving) to activate 12 VK3 National Parks.  A total of 290 eligible contacts were logged across the weekend, resulting in a points total tally of 3480.   Very well done Peter!  The Chasers “Thank You” for providing many Parks in challenging circumstances.

The winning Hunter is Gerard VK2IO/P………. Gerard went Portable in VK2 from various VKFF Parks across the weekend, working an amazing 26, of a total available 29 activated VK3 National Parks!   With 47 eligible contacts into KRMNPA parks, Gerard’s total points tally was 1222.   Very well done Gerard!   The Chasers also “Thank You” for providing many new VKFF Parks and the Activators appreciated your Calls.”

The Award actually arrived in early July. It is rather fancy and presented some challenges in obtaining a reasonable photo of it due to the highly reflective surface. Please excuse the reflected items in the photo, taken in a rather “busy” radio shack!

Award plaque
The KRMNPA 2021 Top Activator plaque

Many thanks to Amateur Radio Victoria and especially to Tony VK3XV for the Award. It was clear to me that the goals of the Special Awards:
To promote and encourage Portable activity
were well and truly met, despite the challenging weather conditions.

Many thanks go to all who participated in the weekend, whether as Activator or as Hunter. Congratulations to Gerard VK2IO for his Top Hunter award.

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1 Response to 10th KRMPNA Activity Weekend 2021 – postscript

  1. vk5bje says:

    Hi Peter, congratulations on your award. A great effort.
    73 John D

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