More VKFF Award certificates – April 2021

29 April 2021

I have received some more certificates from the Australian WWFF coordinator Paul VK5PAS over the recent weeks.

2020 was a very challenging year. In Victoria, it started with dense smoke over much of the eastern half of the state, due to the Black Summer bushfires. The poor air quality combined with high temperatures during January and February restricted my activities, with a lot of time in the shack listening around the bands. Then COVID restrictions began…..

Regional Victoria had some easing of restrictions, but travel was still quite limited. Restrictions were tricky to interpret, so I took a conservative approach. More time in the shack! Interstate restrictions varied and some amateur operators were able to venture out and activate summits and Parks. I worked Activators whenever I could hear them.

As the year progressed, restrictions in regional Victoria were eased, so I did manage to get out into the field occasionally to activate SOTA summits and/or Parks.

In early April 2021, Paul VK5PAS announced the results of the 2020 Top Activator and Top Hunter certificates.

2020 VKFF Top Hunter

Paul VK5PAS announced the Top Hunter certificate as follows:

“I am pleased to announce Peter VK3PF as the Top VKFF Hunter in 2020.

Peter worked an amazing 385 different VKFF references.

  • 2nd place – Gerard VK2IO – 373 VKFF references.
  • 3rd place – Allen VK3ARH – 240 VKFF references
  • 4th place – Geoff VK3SQ – 239 VKFF references.
  • 5th place – Paul VK5PAS – 231 VKFF references.
  • 6th place – John VK4TJ – 224 VKFF references.
  • 7th place – Andrei ZL1TM – 223 VKFF references.
  • 8th place – John VK5HAA – 195 VKFF references.
  • 9th place – Scott VK4CZ – 193 VKFF references.
  • 10th place – Nick VK3ANL – 185 VKFF references.”
2020 VKFF Top Hunter certificate

Thanks to all the Activators who operated in the field. From the results below, it is perhaps not surprising that Gerard VK2IO featured prominently in my log.

2020 VKFF Top Activator

Paul VK5PAS announced the statistics for Top Activator as follows:

“I have now finalised the stats for the 2020 Top VKFF Activator Award.

The winner is Gerard VK2IO with 69 VKFF references during 2020.

  • 2nd place – Marty VK4KC – 47 VKFF references.
  • 3rd place – Adam VK2YK – 41 VKFF references.
  • 4th place – David VK5DG – 35 VKFF references.
  • 5th place – Peter VK3PF – 30 VKFF references.
  • Equal 6th place – Tony VK3YV & Ian VK1DI – 24 VKFF references.
  • 7th place – Nick VK3ANL – 21 VKFF references.
  • 8th place – Peter VK3ZPF – 20 VKFF references.
  • Equal 9th place – Andrew VK1DA, Malcolm VK3OAK, & Peter VK3TKK – 19 VKFF references.
  • 10th place – Paul VK5PAS – 16 VKFF references.

This is based on qualifying the park for VKFF with 10 contacts.

The global WWFF program offers Top Activator and Top Hunter based on qualifying the park for the global WWFF program with 44 contacts.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the VKFF program during 2020.”

Top VKFF Activator certificate for fifth place

Given the COVID Restrictions, I am pleased with my result. Thanks to all the Hunters!

VKFF Hunter Award Honour Roll 1800

2021 has seen an increase in activities in the field. It is not surprising that most of the Parks activated are references which have been worked previously. I have managed to hunt some references which I missed on earlier activations. A small number of first time activations have also occurred. As a result, I managed to build my all-time Hunter score to the next level of the VKFF Hunter Award Honour Roll – 1800 references worked.

VKFF Hunter Award Honour Roll 1800 references worked certificate

Particular thanks must go to Peter VK3TKK, who made trips to some new references plus several which only I had activated or ones which I had missed earlier activations. I managed to gain 10 references thanks to Peter. Also prominent was Marty VK4KC, who contributed six references to my tally. The last of the new Parks worked came courtesy of Liz VK2XSE.

Thanks to all the activators and thanks to the VKFF admin team members.

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2 Responses to More VKFF Award certificates – April 2021

  1. Paul VK5PAS says:

    Hi Peter,

    Congratulations on the certificates and thanks for your ongoing support of the VKFF program.

    During our recent trip to the Mungo National Park NSW, the photo on the VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 1,800 certificate was taken by me.


    Paul VK5PAS.

    • vk3pf says:

      Hi Paul,

      Yes, I picked the location of the photo this time. Yet another great shot from you Paul.

      Thanks again for all your work for VKFF.



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