The next level of VKFF Hunter Award Honour Roll 1775 References worked

17 March 2021

Hunters participating in the WWFF scheme, and in particular the VKFF chapter, have seen a small increase in park activations since the start of 2021, with COVID19 Pandemic restrictions on activities easing in most states of Australia. I have worked 53 new Parks logged on LogSearch since 1 January 2021, as at the middle of March.

The result is qualification for the next level of the VKFF Hunter Honour Roll Award – 1775 References worked.

The VKFF Hunter Award (Honour Roll) 1775 certificate

The Activators responsible for the latest 25 new Parks have been Marty VK4KC/p, Peter VK3TKK, Rob VK4AAC/5, Nick VK3ANL, Bob VK2BYF, Adam VK2YK/5 and Tony VK3YV.

Thanks to all the Activators, to the VKFF administration team, the Awards Managers and the WWFF team for their efforts in making the scheme function.

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