Four more VKFF certificates

Despite being winter, weather conditions in SE Australia have been relatively mild. Rainfall continues to be sparse, with much of the country experiencing drought. Mornings have been cold but there have been many sunny days with afternoon temperatures into the mid-teens.

These mild weather conditions have suited many activators. Plus we have Mike VK6MB continuing his travels around Victoria and southern NSW, plus Gerard VK2IO on an extended trip in South Australia. There have been many hunting opportunities, with more expected over coming weeks as their trips continue……

VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 1475

This Award finally showed up on LogSearch in the middle of June.

VK3PF - VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 1475

Hunter Honour Roll 1475 certificate

In late June I travelled to Wodonga to undertake some family duties. I was able to perform a couple of short activations on the trip up to Wodonga, qualifying two previously unactivated Parks for VKFF level. Both Parks are only a short detour, so it will be easy to revisit them to build the contact count up to WWFF level and also towards the Boomerang Award. I also managed to complete several more Parks whilst based in Wodonga plus I made an effort on the trip home, activating six Parks with some short and one longer detour during a long day with about 575 km travelled. If I feel enthused, I may write up the various activations later.

VKFF Activator Honour Roll  200

I qualified for this award  in late June.

VK3PF -VKFF Activator Honour Roll 200

VKFF Activator Honour Roll 200 certificate

Gondwana Rainforests 25th Anniverary Award 10 Parks hunted

In early July I manually checked my hunted Parks to find that I had qualified for the second level – 10 Parks hunted – of this Award.

VK3PF Gondwana Hunter 10

Gondwana Rainforests Award 10 Parks worked certificate

On the same day, I found that I had qualified for the next level as a Hunter for VKFF.

VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 1500

VK3PF - VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 1500

VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 1500 certificate

That makes the tally at just over half of all VKFF Parks. I know that I have missed some Parks which have been activated, but life gets in the way sometimes, as does propagation conditions.

Thanks to all the Activators for providing the opportunities to hunt. Thanks also to the Hunters who make contact when I am out activating. Special thanks go to VKFF Coordinator Paul VK5PAS and his team of helpers around the country for all your efforts to keep the VKFF program running and vibrant.

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