WIA sacks the Editor

Hello all,

I had a good day out in VKFF Parks in southern NSW today, with 2 Parks activated. More on that later….. The day was interrupted with several phone calls and some “interesting” reading in email when I made it back to base. I am still working my way through it all.

Today I finally received a response from the Board of the WIA regarding some questions which have been up in the air for several months, with little information coming to me from the Board. If you have not seen it yet, have a look at:

Basically, the Board has sacked me as Editor. So be it.

Please note that the public statement from the Board and Secretary Clee has been selective with the “facts” and this may not be the end of discussion. I shall be seeking legal advice. The Board has made statements concerning the Editor’s honorarium and expenses which ignore my claim to the Board that a Common Law contract exists….

They have made statements of “fact” which are incorrect and have misquoted what I recall saying. They make statements about policy and their actions which are at least misleading….

At least I will have more time free to spend how I wish, without the anchor of the Editor’s role!

I hope to catch some of you on air soon.

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2 Responses to WIA sacks the Editor

  1. drlbloglog says:

    Hello Peter,
    I have just come to look at your blog after reading the news on the WIA site. It does seem a bit strange for them to be airing this so publicly, whatever the issues may be. Anyway, for what it’s worth, I have always enjoyed reading your article and have appreciated your work in editing the magazine. Take care and I look forward to continuing to enjoy your blog and learning more about SOTA.

  2. Paul VK5PAS says:

    Hi Peter,

    Hold your head up high mate. I know exactly what you are going through.


    Paul VK5PAS.

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