Hotham SOTA Summit 2019 – wrap up

Monday 4 February 2019

I had not decided on a firm plan for the day. The day started with contacts on 2 m FM with Gerard VK2IO/3 and Compton VK2HRX/3 on Mount Hotham VK3/VE-006. I then had breakfast and checked the Victorian Emergency website to find Plan A was ruled out with a fire located nearby to the intended target summit. We soon had a request to help move a pile of firewood. With many helping, the wood pile was soon in the wood shed portion of the lodge. People started tidying up, packing up and departing. In the end, I decided to simply drive home.

Things were very busy at times over the weekend, especially when several groups were on different summits at the same times. The larger distances between groups meant that 2 m FM communications were not always possible, especially with simple “rubber duck” antennas. When one group was moving between summits, they would drop to lower altitudes and behind ridges and hills, thus some possible contacts were missed.

Overall, I am more than satisfied with my weekend’s results. I worked two new Activator Unique summits and therefore gained two Completes. Our first summit on Saturday gave me a new Chaser unique and Complete.

Overall results for the weekend:

Activator points:  118
Chaser points:  413
Summit to Summit points:  430

Now qualified for Activator CW points 500 certificate, with CW qualified points tally now at 579. I will need to wait for the SOTA Awards shop to reopen for electronic certificates to apply for the formal certificate, plus a couple of others. I see no point in claiming a paper certificate, as it takes the Awards Manager time to confirm eligibility. The MT IT team are working to make the database more friendly for the Awards Manager & I am happy to wait!

Thanks to all who attended the weekend and a huge thank you to Brian and Kathy for hosting the event. It is great to spend time with like-minded people, discussing mutual interests. It is also good to have some company in the car when travelling to and from summits.

I am expecting that a summary report of the weekend will be published in Amateur Radio magazine in an upcoming issue.

Some of the others who attended have published accounts on their own blogs. Paul VK3HN has prepared an interesting video, so check it out.

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