New WWFF certificates: A 110, H 1344 & P2P 444

Recent activity by myself and other Activators have taken my totals for the WWFF Awards to new certificate levels.

Activator 110 references Activated

110 references activated with a total of at least 44 contacts from each. Thanks to all the Hunters for your contacts.


Activated 110 different references

Hunter 1344 references worked

1344 references worked: Some are a little exotic in this tally, such as Rotuma Island and Kermadec Island. 3 references in ZL, 2 in Europe, 9 in Japan and 3 in the US. The tally for VKFF is 1325 worked and I am awaiting arrival of the certificate. Thanks to all the Activators for being out there. There may be some more that I have worked but the DXpeditions do not submit their logs to the WWFF system – for example Mellish Reef.

H-01344#208 VK3PFs

Worked 1344 different WWFF references

Park to Park 444 contacts

Park to Park contacts are recorded when both logs have ALL the details matching in the Logsearch database. Plus the rules for P2P contacts currently implemented seem to require that both Activators reach the quota of 44 contacts from the activation. This seems odd to me, as the way that I read the rules, if one Activator reaches the quota of 44, then that activator should be able to claim the P2P contact. I have many other P2P contacts recorded but I only reached the VKFF quota of 10 or more contacts, so those contacts do not count for the WWFF P2P award.  Thanks to all the other Activators.


Park to Park Award 444 QSOs


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  1. Paul VK5PAS says:


    Merry Christmas,

    Paul VK5PAS.

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