More VKFF certificates

Thanks to the many Activators who have been visiting new references, I have achieved another step in the VKFF Hunter Award Honour Roll – 1275 references worked.

Thanks to Paul VK5PAS for his hard work as VKFF coordinator and the certificate. Thanks also to the other VKFF team members.

VK3PF VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 1275

I have several new references over recent weeks, mainly when I have been out doing activations myself – especially on the days when I have been activating SOTA summits. Such is life.

I always try to work anyone that I can hear activating a Park or SOTA reference. After a bit of work with my Hunter log downloaded from Logsearch, I submitted a claim to Paul for the Boomerang Award – 160 references worked 5 or more times.

VK3PF Boomerang Hunter 160

As an Activator myself, I know that it can be difficult at times to reach even the VKFF level of 10 contacts when in a Park, so I will always call an Activator if I can hear them. The Boomerang Award is a nice idea to promote Hunters to call even though they already have a Park in their log book.

Thanks again to Paul VK5PAS.

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