Mount Tooronga Range and Rokeby Flora Reserve

Saturday 6 October 2018

The forecast was for a pleasant spring day. I decided to head out to a relatively local 8-point summit.

Mount Tooronga Range VK3/VT-026 1257 m 8 points plus seasonal bonus

I have activated this summit previously and the approach requires a drive of just under 2 hours from home via Moe, Hill End, Icy Creek and towards Tanjil Bren to the Link Road. The final approach is via Mount Tooronga Track to the seasonal closure at a locked gate. In summer, you can usually drive up to quite close to the summit. When the gate is closed, there is a walk of about 1.3 km with a climb of about 170 m vertical. Simply walk up the Track to the high point of the road and then start climbing up the hill in a southerly direct to reach the summit.

When I reached the summit, I saw that Glenn VK3YY/p was on air on Federation Range VK3/VN-029. I sent an SMS to Glenn that I was on site and starting to set up. Glenn was soon in the log using 2 m handheld transceivers. I finished setting up the HF antenna and started calling on 80 m CW, followed by SSB. I then moved to 40 m CW. SSB. ?Back to 80 m briefly to try for more local contacts.

I packed up and headed back down the hill to the track and back to the car. I drove down to Mundic Road and decided to try it as a way to head to Noojee. Care was required to avoid side roads in this logging area. The route to take is to the end of Mundic Road, then north on Ridge Road, west on Balta Road, Tooronga Road and then Loch Valley Road. I arrived in Noojee at about 1430 local for a late lunch.

I considered my options for a further activation and decided to head to Rokeby for a Park activation.

Rokeby Flora Reserve VKFF-2428


This Park was first activated by Peter VK3ZPF a few weeks ago. I checked out the northern area of the Park, which is in a gully. I headed around to the southern end to park close to the gate on Old Telegraph West Road. I walked about 500 in along the rail trail and then set up inside the reserve boundary. I ran out the 40 m antenna and started calling on 40 m SSB after spotting myself on ParksnPeaks.

Callers were infrequent, so it took some time to reach 10 hunters in the log. After several minutes of further unanswered calls, I tuned around the band. I found some strong stations, but my meagre 10 watts was insufficient for me to be heard in Europe…. I decided to pack up and head for home, with only 10 in the log – enough to qualify the Reserve for VKFF.

Once back at the car, it was simply a matter of headed back to the main road (C425) and heading south and then east on the Princes Highway and then to home.

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