VKFF Hunter Award Honour Roll 1250

Despite the propagation conditions being experienced over the last few months, I still continue to hunt Parks activators from home and when in the field. I have reached the next step in the local Hunter Honour Roll: 1250 unique references worked. Some of the contacts have been far from easy to make…. Thanks to the Activators for their efforts.

Thanks to the entire WWFF team, but especially to Paul VK5PAS and his state coordinators.

VK3PF VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 1250

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3 Responses to VKFF Hunter Award Honour Roll 1250

  1. Paul VK5PAS says:

    Congratulations on another milestone Peter.


    Paul VK5PAS.

  2. VK2TWR says:

    My Congratulations To Peter A very big step achieving this Milestone
    Rod VK2TWR

  3. vk5bje says:

    Hi Peter
    Congratulations. It is always a pleasure to hear your voice at the other end, and more recently, the sound of CW.
    John D VK5BJE/VK5PF

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