More WWFF / VKFF certificates

I have been able to work some more new Parks, thanks to those getting out and activating. Perhaps the only frustrations have been those activators out and about at relatively close range – typically in Victoria, southern NSW or the ACT – who have not operated on 80 m: band conditions have been such that on most days we observe very poor, if any, NVIS on the 40 m band. This is usually not an issue for the activator, as they work hunters further away and usually manage to get at least 10 contacts from each Park, and thus qualify the Park for the VKFF awards. But they will not be working the hunters in at closer range due to the lack of NVIS propagation. The result is fewer “new” ones in my log and a smaller tally of Parks worked this year. As an Activator, I usually try 80 m during each activation and usually get several Hunters in the log, even on a week day and in the middle of the day. Conditions such as this are likely to continue for many months  as we head into the bottom of the solar cycle and start to climb out the other side of the solar minimum. Activators: please take an antenna for 80 m and use it!

WWFF Hunter 1244 references worked

H-01244#0213 VK3PFs

VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 1225 references worked

VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 1225

Thanks to the Activators who get out there into the Parks.

Thanks also to our VKFF National coordinator Paul VK5PAS and his team of state coordinators, and the central WWFF team for their continued contributions to the hobby.

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1 Response to More WWFF / VKFF certificates

  1. vk5bje says:

    Hi Peter
    I agree with your remarks about those who don’t try 80 metres: it is frustrating for the chasers close in. Eighty metres works well during the day out to 500 or 600 kilometres, but really it is those within 100 to 500 who benefit the most.

    I certainly appreciate those activators who use 80m
    Congratulations on the two certificates.
    John D

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