Another VKFF milestone – Murray River Parks Award

The VKFF Coordinator Paul VK5PAS has done a great job in creating a series of goals and awards for both Activators and Hunters for the Parks program in Australia. There are a series of Awards for Hunters and Activators from Bronze (10 references / Parks) up to Sapphire (75 references / Parks) and then there are the Honour Roll certificates, with steps of 25 references / Parks. There are several other Awards, with all the details available at the WWFF Australia website.

One of the Awards is the Murray River Parks Award for working designated Parks that are located close to the Murray River as it travels from near Mt Kosciusko down to the Coorong and Goolwa in South Australia. There a total of 43 qualifying Parks, but two of those on the list cannot currently be accessed by the public. That leaves 41 Parks as the top level of the Award at this time.

Several island Conservation Parks were activated by amateurs living in the Riverland area of South Australia on ANZAC Day 2018 – 25 April. I managed to chase all of the Parks activated. The last of the logs from those activations were uploaded to Logsearch today. When I checked my National Awards tally, I saw that I could apply for the top level of the Murray River Parks Award….. The system worked quickly and I soon had the certificate in the Inbox. Many thanks for your efforts with the program Paul! And a big thank you to all the Activators who made it possible.

VK3PF Murray River Hunter 41s

Murray River Parks Hunter Award for 41 Parks hunted

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1 Response to Another VKFF milestone – Murray River Parks Award

  1. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Peter. A super effort.

    73 and ’44’,

    Paul VK5PAS.

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