A new VKFF certificate

I do enjoy chasing other Activators, regardless of their location: SOTA, WWFF reference or anywhere else. Given my simple antennas, most of my Chasing/Hunting is for Australian and New Zealand amateurs.

I must pass on my thanks to all the Activators out there – you are the ones doing the harder work. Yes, chasing can be a little hard at times depending on propagation and local noise, but the Activator does more work than those who chase.

Big thanks to Paul VK5PAS as VKFF coordinator and to the other members of the VKFF team, especially Mick VK3GGG.

Here is the latest certificate which arrived today.

VK3PF VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 1050s

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2 Responses to A new VKFF certificate

  1. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Peter. A mighty effort.


    Paul VK5PAS.

  2. vk5bje says:

    Hi Peter
    A great effort and I always enjoy reading your blog. I am glad you caught up with Stef: I hope an 80m antenna is one of the results of the meeting.
    John D

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