Mt Buffalo Plateau 2016

The Horn VK3/VE-014 1723 m 10 points
VKFF-0339 Mount Buffalo National Park

31 December 2016

The forecast was for another nice day, so I headed off towards the Mount Buffalo plateau. Travel was easy to Myrtleford for a short stop to buy some lunch. Then down to Porepunkah with a little more traffic, then up towards the plateau, with several slow drivers and many groups of cyclists also taking the challenging climb making for slow progress up the twisting climb, as expected.

I parked in the carpark at the end of the road and climbed up the walking track toward the summit. There were plenty of others climbing up for the views, so I set up a little below the summit using the hand rail to support the squid pole, running the dipole parallel to the railing. As a result, there were lots of interruptions as I explained what I was doing to the curious walkers.

First in the log was Mitch VK7XDM/p on Mt Field East VK7/WC-013 in the Mount Field National Park VKFF-0347 – a S2S and P2P contact on 40 m. In the next 11 minutes, I worked 11 stations before I swapped to 20 m after CQ calls went unanswered. 20 m yielded contacts into VK2 and VK5 before traffic dropped off.

So back to 40 m SSB at 0010 UTC, for another 14 contacts. With no further responses, I decided to close down. 28 contacts in the log including some repeats after UTC rollover. Two S2S contacts: Mitch was described above, and Ian VK1DI/2 on VK2/SM-093.

Back down to the car and drive around to the saddle below The Cathedral and The Hump.

The Hump VK3/VE-019 1695 m 10 points
VKFF-0339 Mount Buffalo National Park

I pushed myself on the climb up to the activation zone and set up quickly. First in the log was Paul VK5PAS/p on Brown Hill Range VK5/SE-004 for a S2S on 40 m SSB. I moved down in frequency and the calls started coming in. Nine additional contacts were worked in the next 11 minutes. I took a break for lunch and a drink and then worked Leigh VK3SG/p in VKFF-0619. I then packed up and headed back down to the car and headed to Bright.


Waterfall from Mt Buffalo access road

Mount Porepunkah VK3/VE-098 1185 m 6 points

From Bright, the approach is simple: from The Great Alpine Road, head northish on Star Road, turn right onto Toorak Road, then left onto Mount Porepunkah Road. You can then drive right to the base of the fire watch tower on the summit, provided you navigate correctly.


Looking to the Buffalo Plateau from Mt Porepunkah

I set up using the trig to support the squid pole and for a change, spotted myself on 15 m. I was quickly called by Ian VK5CZ, Adrian VK5FANA and Gerard VK2IO. Down to 40 m for another 5 contacts. With no further calls, I closed and quickly packed up. I wanted to get to another target, hopefully in time for a S2S with Mitch. I retraced my route to Bright and then down to Myrtleford for some petrol for the car. Mitch messaged that he was setting up and I responded that I was at least 30 minutes from the summit. I took the Yackandandah Road to Barwidgee, then took Myrtleford-Stanley Road to Stanley and then out to Mount Stanley.

Mount Stanley VK3/VE-126 1052 m 6 points

I set up at the picnic table just south of the summit communications complex. First in the log was Mitch VK7XDM/p on VK7/WC-054 for S2S on 40 m SSB. Thanks for waiting for me Mitch! I then worked 9 stations in the next seven minutes. I heard Col VK3LED call me, but could not raise a further response from him. One more call on 40 m, then I tried 15 m, yielding only a single contact from Geoff VK3SQ in Beechworth – just down the road. I then tried 20 m, yielding three ZL SOTA enthusiasts. I then decided to pack up.

I drove to Beechworth and met up with Geoff VK3SQ for a chat over a cold beverage or two over the next 30 minutes or so, then headed back to Wodonga.

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2 Responses to Mt Buffalo Plateau 2016

  1. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the S2S contacts from Marija VK5FMAZ and I.


    Paul VK5PAS.

  2. vk5bje says:

    Hi Peter, The Horn is always a challenge because of the people! However, you used the time there to tell people a bit about the hobby which is great. I enjoyed your photos.
    John D

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