An October 2016 long weekend in the Snowy Mountains – 4

Monday 3 October 2016

I packed up my gear, loaded up the car and thanked Judy and Rod for their hospitality. I headed south to Bombala and stopped at the Bakery for a mid-morning snack. I also asked about the drinks that we had forgotten the day before. The person who served us on Sunday recalled our purchase and allowed me to take the same drinks at no charge, given that we had paid for them on Sunday. I headed along the Monaro Highway and turned east onto the Imlay Road, then headed north on Letts Mountain Road.

Letts Mountain VK2/SC-010 950 m 6 points

Letts Mountain Road passes through the AZ. I continued on a few hundred metres and found the access track to the comms. facilities on the summit. This track was rougher, but I managed to drive the Impreza to the top, but used low range for a bit more control. I set up using a stump to support the squid pole.

I set up on 40 m SSB, working 8 stations in only 11 minutes, an excellent rate after the past couple of days. I switched to 20 m and managed to post a spot, being rewarded with John ZL1BYZ. Further calls were not rewarded.

I tried to work Warren VK3BYD/2 on 40 m CW, but signals were weak between us. After trying a couple of different frequencies on 40 m, we agreed via the ‘phone to try 80 m, which meant that I needed to run out the 80 m antenna extensions. Warren quickly had a dogpile of callers on 80 m, having been picked up by the RBN, I think. I eventually worked him after all the others, gaining a S2S. Shortly after, I QSYed up the band to work Compton on the same summit on 80 m SSB. So another new Unique and another Complete.


The comms sites on Letts Mountain

After packing up, I headed back down to the Monaro Highway and to Cann River. After buying lunch at the Bakery, it was off to the east for a Park Activation.

Alfred National Park VKFF-0618

I had already qualified this Park for both VKFF and WWFF. I checked the ParksNPeaks KRMNPA wanted list before headed off for this weekend and saw that Alfred NP was needed. Given that the Park is one of several that are infrequently activated, I posted an alert noting a possible activation on Monday afternoon or perhaps Tuesday morning.

I found a spot to set up and started calling on 20 m – 14.310 as previously arranged with one of those wanting the Park. I had checked the HAP charts whilst in Cann River, and 20 m looked the best choice for a possible contact into VK6. After about 15 minutes of calling, I gave up. Nothing was heard at either end. I then swapped to 40 m – 7.090. Several minutes of calling finally yielded Scott VK7NWT. But then nothing….. After more than 50 minutes of calling, I gave up. I packed up and started the long drive home.

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