After New Year 2016

Saturday 2 January 2016

After a good meal, shower and a great night’s sleep, it was again off early on Saturday morning. We loaded up into Rod’s Landcruiser “ute” and headed to Dalgety and then Jindabyne via The Snowy River Way, then south on the Barry Way to Gullies Road then Thornybrush Road and into Paupong Nature Reserve to the summit Box Ridge VK2/SM-065.

Box Ridge VK2/SM-065 1260 m 8 points

You can drive right to the summit of this one, with a couple of gates to negotiate en route. We used a Telstra line marker stake to support the squid pole and set up the station using a large umbrella to protect the gear. It was raining lightly, but enough to make you wet fairly quickly. It was therefore a quick activation.

Rick VK4RF was first up of 17 contacts for the quick activation, including a S2S with Marshall VK3MRG/p on Mt Torbreck VK3/VN-001.

Peter on Box Ridge

Peter on Box Ridge

We packed up and retraced our route toward the Barry Way.

Jillamatong Hill VK2/SM-064 1262 m 8 points

Access to this summit is via private property. Fortunately, Rod knows the owner of the north side of the hill. We simply drove up to the house, parked beside the garage and loaded up for the climb – about 800 m horizontal and around 130 m vertical. We set up on a log NE of the trig and I started operating. Again the rain was falling, so it was another quick activation, with only 6 stations worked. Rod decided to hold this summit in reserve for the winter bonus season.

It was a quick walk back down to the car, then down to the Barry Way, into Jindabyne and out on the Alpine Way to.

VK2/SM-053 unnamed summit 1459 m 8 points

At Crackenback, turn on to Wollondibby Road and drive past the distillery and climb up to the saddle. At the saddle, turn right into the fire trail and climb to the summit. The area is a partially developed land sale area, with a single temporary dwelling passed on the way up.

I again set up with the umbrella protecting the gear – it was wet. Rod sat in the car.

A quick fire activation, with 5 contacts including Nick VK3ANL/p on VK3/VS-009. When I had no responses to a “final call”, I shut down and packed up.

Back on the bitumen, Rod took me around to the Snow Tube terminal for a look at the infrastructure and the approach that Rod has used to access VK2/SM-046. It was then back to Jindabyne and then north towards Eucumbene .

Wattle Hill VK2/SM-063 1305 m 8 points

We stopped at a farm gate on Eucumbene Road and worked our way through several farm gates and then steeply climbed in 4WD toward the summit – again, Rod knows the owner. We set up using a fence post to support the squid pole. It was raining, so this was another quick fire activation, with only 8 contacts made. We then packed up and retraced our route to Eucumbene Road and then headed north towards Eucumbene.

Mount Cobrabald VK2/SM-051 1471 m 8 points

From Eucumbene, head north along Braemar Bay Road, then turn in through the farm gate and onto the access road. Again, Rod knows the owner. Drive around to the north of the summit and then up the rough 4WD track to the summit.

Finally we were clear of the rain. We set up using the trig to support the squid pole. First in the log was Peter VK3FPSR, with a total of 24 contacts made by me.

We packed up and headed back down to Eucumbene , then headed off toward Adaminaby, turning south on Seven Gates Road.

Trig TS3825 VK2/SM-057 1372 m 8 points

We again entered into a farm, another contact of Rod – it really helps having someone who has grown up in the area! Following rough farm tracks, we worked our way towards the summit, including some quite steep climbs.

We set up using a fence post for the pole support, only 25 m or so from the trig. First in the log was Peter VK3FPSR, with a total of 8 contacts made by me. We were done in just over 30 minutes before we packed up and headed back to Cooma and then Nimmatabel for the night.

It was a satisfying yet tiring day. Over 350 km driven and six summits activated, 5 of them new ones for me and now Complete.

Sunday 3 January 2015.

We again set off early, driving to Delegate. The further south we drove, the wetter the conditions. Our first goal had been Mt Tingaringy, which has a steep final approach. We stopped at Delegate and discussed our options. At 0900 EADT, we decided to throw in the towel. We could not have a coffee at the General Store – there was no sign of it opening. Rod headed back to home and I worked my way back to the Monaro Highway and down to Cann River, most of the way in heavy rain. All thoughts of activations went out the window once I encountered all the holiday traffic on the Princes Highway. I decided to simply head for home, patiently! The traffic was terrible! I decided that stopping to activate even a Park en route would only expose me to more traffic later in the day! So it was careful driving until after Bairnsdale, then using back roads to avoid most traffic. I was rather bushed once finally home!

It had been several days of lots of activity. I did ring Rod once home, noting that I had left my toiletries bag at his place! He will post it down to me soon.

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