Tasmania SOTA & Parks trip January/February 2015 Summary

I arrived Devonport on the evening of Sunday 25 January, having left Melbourne that morning on the Spirit of Tasmania for a day crossing of Bass Strait. I departed Devonport on the morning of Sunday 8 February on the Spirit of Tasmania and finally arrived home at around 20:15 that evening.

The weather was decidedly unpleasant for the middle Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and was marginal for summit activations on the Thursday immediately prior to those days and also on the following Monday. In spite of the weather, the following radio achievements were made:

National Parks activated:
Narawntapu NP VKFF-005
Mole Creek Karst NP VKFF-322
Ben Lomond NP VKFF-028
Mount Field NP VKFF-347
South West NP VKFF-461
Hartz Mountains NP VKFF-227
Tasman NP VKFF-481
Freycinet NP VKFF-188
Cradle Mount Lake St Clair NP VKFF-117
Rocky Cape NP VKFF-432

All National Parks had at least 10 Hunters, thus qualifying them for the VKFF Awards as an Activator. Only three of the Parks reached the 44 Hunters required for WWFF:  VKFF-005, VKFF-347, VKFF-432. This outcome is clearly an incentive to make further trips to Tasmania, perhaps for a longer period!

SOTA summits activated:
Mount Arthur VK7/NE-008
Legges Tor VK7/NE-001
Mount Field East VK7/WC-013  **
Mount Wellington VK7/SC-001
White Spur VK7/SW-127  **
Hartz Peak VK7/SW-008  **
Macgregor Peak VK7/SC-018  **
Mount Phipps VK7/SC-017
Cape Lodi VK7/EC-045  **
East Tower VK7/NE-009  **
Mount Barrow VK7/NE-003  **
Mount Campbell VK7/CH-039  **
Tinkers Lookout VK7/NW-046  **

Of these, six summits were first activations. (The summits marked with ** have had the GPS tracks uploaded to the SOTA Mapping Project)

My Activator score increased by 74 points – not a large total and not unexpected. The aim had been to activate SOTA summits in National Parks, rather than looking to maximise the SOTA points gained. Eight of the National Parks were activated from SOTA summits, with only one of the other two NPs having a valid summit within its boundaries.

A quick comment in that regard: always check your maps carefully. Just because a SOTA summit is listed as being in a National Park, it DOES NOT mean that the entire summit activation zone is inside the NP! Many summits are clearly inside the NP, some have only a portion of the AZ inside. It is up to the Activator to be sure about his location if he wishes to give you the option of also claiming the National Park! Take the data from the data tables on ParksnPeaks as a possible indication that you may have worked a NP as well as a SOTA summit. If in doubt, check with the Activator!

My Chaser score increased by 302 points through a combination of contacts from summits and chasing from the car.

My Summit to Summit score had a boost of 124 points, a good outcome considering that most of my activations were on week (work) days. This was assisted by Justen VK7TW and Reuben VK7FREU being out and about on SOTA summits during the first week of the trip. We did not always manage to be on summits at the same time, but they certainly helped out.

At the time of writing this summary, I have added eight (8) more summits to my Complete list. One of these (Mt Campbell, a first activation) was activated by Brian VK3MCD/7 on the day after I returned home and I managed to work Brian. The others were either in a NP and therefore targets, or were targets as I had chased them prior to my trip and fitted with the other flexible plans.

Thanks to all who chased me over the trip.

Once again, many thanks to Joe VK7JG and wife Phil, and to Rex VK7MO, for their hospitality. Sleeping out in a tent is fine by me, but having a comfortable bed and all the normal amenities of home makes for a more pleasant experience!

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2 Responses to Tasmania SOTA & Parks trip January/February 2015 Summary

  1. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Peter,

    Sounds like a great trip. Pleased to have got you in the log a few times whilst you were either on a summit or in a National Park. All logs have been uploaded to WWFF LogSearch.

    Best 73,


  2. vk5bje says:

    Hello Peter
    I enjoyed following you on the air and via your blog. Congratulations on a wonderful trip with so many successful activations. I almost, but not quite, feel another trip to my home state coming on! Perhaps in the future!

    John D

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