A trip to Tasmania 12

Saturday 7 February 2015

I was up early and headed off to Rocky Cape National Park.

Tinkers Lookout VK7/NW-046 291 m 1 point
Rocky Cape National Park VKFF-432

The walk starts near the information shelter where the road branches, at about 25 m ASL. It is a steady climb, with some ups and downs. The early section of the track is sandy and transitions to stony. The sky was overcast and there was a strong wind blowing.

Tinkers Lookout looking west

Tinkers Lookout looking west

I climbed to the summit trig and set up on the lee side to get out of the worst of the wind. Ian VK3TCX was first in the log at 2221Z Friday. I worked 29 stations on 40 m before changing bands, including two S2S contacts. I changed to 20 m, and then briefly back to 40 m CW to catch a S2S with Nick VK2AOH/p prior to two more 20 m contacts. Calls on 17 m were unsuccessful. I swapped back to 40 m after UTC rollover for a string of repeat contacts and some new stations. Things slowed down, but I finally ended up reaching the target of 44 was achieved (if my counting is correct).

Having achieved my target, I packed up at 0045Z. As I was walking back down, RRT alerted for VK3BQ/p on Mount Oberon in Wilsons Promontory. I walked briskly to get back to the car and caught Andrew before he packed up. It was then time for some food.

I looked at possible further summits to activate via Garmin BaseCamp. Nothing really stood out, so I then to packed up and drove to Devonport. By time I arrived, the effects of my activities of the previous two weeks were being felt. I booked into a hotel for the night and relaxed. The trip was almost over, with the ferry trip on Sunday to be followed by the drive back home from Port Melbourne.

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