A trip to Tasmania 9

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Rex had hosted me for a week and I felt that it was time to move on. I decided to head towards Freycinet National Park. I drove to Sorell and then up the A3 road. Just past Runnymede, Phipps Road heads off to the south.

Mount Phipps VK7/SC-027 513 m 2 points Not previously activated

I headed up Phipps Road, finding a truck blocking the dirt road. I pulled over to the side and started chatting with 2 of the 3 crew. I commented that I guessed that this was a public road. As one of the crew started to say that it was, I noticed that his shirt was for the local council: assumption proven – a local council crew doing road works. I headed up the hill after the truck was moved, passing a private home just before a closed gate. I passed through the gate, closing it behind me, as instructed on the old sign. The road led to a Telstra compound and tower at the top. After walking back down the track to exit the AZ, I set up near the compound.

I worked 10 stations on 40 m, and 3 on 20 m.

I packed up and looked routes into nearby summits, without success: roads either were not there or continued beyond locked gates. After almost 2 hours of exploring, I headed east and north.

Whilst exploring, I worked Peter VK7PD and Al VK7AH on Legges Tor. I also had a brief chat with Joe VK7JG, with the group on Legges Tor. He suggested an interesting option for Thursday.

I headed up A3. Whilst en route, I decided to go to Bicheno to organise a site for the night at the Caravan Park. Once settled, I headed off to climb Cape Lodi.

Cape Lodi VK7/EC-045 274 m 1 point
Freycinet National Park VKFF-188

I followed the comments from VK1ATP/7 about his approach to Cape Lodi. This fitted with my research. Walking along the access road, I reached a closed gate with prominent signs about private property. Following the Tasmanian (TheLIST) map, I headed off at right angles to the right to walk around the private property. I then headed toward the spur to the east of the summit, and then climbed slowly up the steep spur. The goal was to stay in the previously burnt areas as much as possible, which provided less scrub. Once up higher, I found traces of an old track. The track fragments were lost and then re-found, finally disappearing near the top of the spur. From there, I headed up onto the main spur line and on up to the summit, finding remnants of an old cairn.

Cape Lodi summit

Cape Lodi summit

First in the log was Rob VK2QR/p on VK3/VE-138 for a S2S contact. I worked 15 contacts on 40 m, then 2 on 30 m, 4 on 20 m and 2 on 17 m before I returned to 40 m to work VK1NAM/p for a S2S, followed by another 7 stations. I then packed up and headed back down, roughly following my route.

Back to Bicheno for dinner at the Tavern, then down towards Coles Bay to a location inside the NP for some further NP contacts prior to returning to Bicheno for the night. I was up early the next morning to head to St Marys, then on to Fingal (Fin-gall).

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