A trip to Tasmania 8

Macgregor Peak VK7/SC-018 557 m 2 points Not previously activated
Tasman National Park VKFF-481

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Finally the weather is starting to improve. I headed off from Hobart, out towards Port Arthur. You need to keep an eye open for Macgregor Road – the sign indicates at circuit (IIRC – sorry, I forgot to record the details) road, and does not have a sign with the road name. Head up the unsealed road. You will reach a signpost for the Macgregor Peak walking track, an old 4WD track. Park near here – there is a locked gate not far beyond. (See my post about East Tower – it might apply here as well.)

The climb up is initially a simple manner, apart from negotiating some fallen trees across the old track. The track then joins the road and climbs up to a car park area below a fire watch tower. From here, follow the cairns and tapes. Care is required in the open rocky areas. You will then climb up to a knoll prior to the summit. The track by then has entered old growth forest, with mosses everywhere and horizontal scrub. You cannot see the sun and it is easy to become disoriented. The track requires care in places, with the wet surfaces and steep rocky sections. You will eventually pop out at the summit with the trig point in front of you. As I arrived at the trig point, I saw the back section of a snake disappearing into the rubble pile under the trig! Care was the word for the rest of the activation!

Macgregor Trig

Macgregor Peak Trig

There is a sector on the south east of the summit which is inside the Tasman National Park – check the maps carefully. The only issue is that the summit is surrounded by thick old growth scrub. I set up in the National Park sector with difficulty, stringing the dipole up amongst the scrub.

First in the log was Paul VK5PAS/p on VK5/SE-015 on 20 m. After 6 stations on 20, I went to 40 m to work 8 more stations.


Macgregor View South

Macgregor View South

After packing up, I started to head down. CAUTION! There are three tracks heading off from the summit: to the north (simple to identify), one just south of west that heads down to Eaglehawk Neck, and the wanted one heading off slightly north of west. Take extreme care, it would be easy to head off on the longer path to Eaglehawk Neck!

Once back at the car, I simply headed back to Hobart.

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