A trip to Tasmania 5

Mount Wellington VK7/SC-001 1270 m 10 points

Friday 30 January 2015

On Thursday night, the weather forecast for Friday did not look promising. An East Coast low had established itself just east of Bass Strait, feeding cold wet air onto Tasmania and Victoria. When I arose on Friday morning, it was raining steadily, with strong winds and very low cloud. I decided against heading out and conferred with Justin via the phone. He too had decided against his planned target and we agreed to keep an eye on the weather. Justen called at around 0500Z, noting that the clouds to the south east were less grey, with hints of white. We decided to head to two local hills: Justen and Reuben to Mount Rumney VK7/SC-045 and me to Mount Wellington VK7/SC-001. During the drive up, we kept contact via 146.5 MHz FM. Justen and Reuben were on their hill whilst I was still on my approach. They reported very high winds and suggested the situation on Wellington would be worse. They started calling whilst I grabbed my gear and headed up the final approach to the summit.

Mt Wellington View

Mt Wellington View

I chose a more comfortable option – I entered the glass-fronted Pinnacle Lookout Shelter just below the summit trig point rather than the old stone shelter that Justen has used in the past. On turning on, I could Reuben and Justen working other Hobart stations. I jumped in to grab a contact with Mike VK7FB as he finished talking with the Justen, then worked Justen and Reuben. Rex VK7MO then called me, followed by Ron VK7RM. I had by this stage posted a spot of the activation (noting 2 m only), but after about 10 minutes had no further callers, so I packed up and headed back down to the car and back to Hobart.

I know that there were probably some chasers asking themselves Why no HF? The BOM observations for Mount Wellington tell the story:

1800 local
Temperature: 4.0 C
Apparent temperature: -9.0 C
Relative Humidity: 98%
Average wind speed: 61 km/hr
Peak gusts: 74 km/hr
Rainfall since 0900: 8.6 mm.

So, my apologies ladies and gentlemen – it was a short VHF only activation!

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1 Response to A trip to Tasmania 5

  1. vk5bje says:

    Hi Peter, I lived in Hobart for three years: 1960 to the end of 1962. Our youth group climbed the mountain regularly. It was always great fun. While I was interested in Ham Radio then I did not have a licence and had to wait a few years before I had the head space to study. Your Tasmanian blogs are great and have brought back a number of memories. I remember learning the local geography around Launceston (from North to South) Arthur wheeled his Barrow up Ben Lomond!
    I am sorry I missed you on Arthur and Barrow but glad I got the contact to Ben Lomond.
    All I can say is that your trip appears to have been verey successful and I look forward to seeing Justin next time he is in Adelaide to share some of his experiences. When I was there in February 2104, SOTA, was probably still a gleam in your eye!


    John D, VK5BJE

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