Hamilton Hill

Wednesday 31 December 2014

Yet another day with a leisurely start. I headed off toward Albury, Lavington and then up Urana Road to Jindera Gap. Turn west into Jelbart Road, and then left almost immediately into an unsealed area. If you have a 4WD, look for the track from the southwest corner of the gravel that heads south. If not, park here and walk along the track to its southern end, where you will find a ramp and a stile to climb over the fence. This is the start of Bakes Track. Head west and south following the foot pad, and then climb the final ridge on a fainter track to gain the summit.

Hamilton Hill VK2/RI-033 483 m 1 point

This really is an easy summit, with the full walk being only 1.8 km with a climb of about 170 m. At the top there is a broken and partly burnt picnic table and a trig just north of a gate at the top. I used a post for the gate to support the squid pole.

First in the log was Ian VK1DI/2 on Cascades VK2/SM-014 at 2353Z and the summit was qualified within 4 minutes. I reworked Ian after UTC rollover and later tried calling on 20 & 15 m without success. I worked Matt VK1MA/3 on Big Ben VK3/VE-105 – an unexpected bonus S2S. There are good views to the north, east and around towards the south from the summit. Views to the west are blocked by trees.

I packed up and headed back to the car and then back to Wodonga.

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