Koetong and Mt Granya State Park

28 December 2014

Another day without family commitments, so I decided on another day in the hills. I headed toward Koetong, aiming for VK3/VE-154.

VK3/VE-154 unnamed summit 923 m 6 points

I decided to tackle this summit for two reasons – to make it complete, and because it should be deleted at some stage in the future with a VK3 update. The knoll currently designated is lower than the high point of the range some 1.1 km south of west from the current summit location. The high point is 950+ m ASL.

The approach is via Firebrace Road. Keep your eyes open for the signs for the historic trestle bridge – the road into the parking area is the start of Firebrace Road. Follow Firebrace Road then Firebrace Track to the parking area for the Conic Range walking track. Walk up past Conic Rocks and then up to the high point, then down into the saddle beyond and up to the summit knoll. Logically, the new summit should be named Conic Range.

First in the log was Paul VK5PAS/p on Bimbunga Hill VK5/SE-015 for a S2S. I ended up with 20 contacts in the log, including further S2S with Andrew VK1NAM/p on VK1/AC-043 and Kevin VK3KAB/p and Glenn VK3YY/p, both on VK3/VT-011. It was then time to pack up and head back down.

I retraced my route to B400, then headed towards Granya.

VK3/VE-169 unnamed summit 834 m 4 points

The easier approach to this summit is via Granya: head west on Webb Lane and through the camping area. This takes you onto Jurgies Track. Follow Jurgies Track and then take Wises Creek Track to JW Link Track and up to the high point.

I approached from the other end of JW Link Track, which is steeper and with more spoon drains, including one which is short, sharp and deep. Ouch – more dents in the exhaust system.

From the high point of the track, head west and northwest into the saddle below the summit and then climb to the summit.

I worked 29 stations, including S2S with Andrew VK3BQ/2 and wife Christine VK3FCEK/2, both on Cascades VK2/SM-014. After walking back to the car, I decided to try the alternate route, as described above as the preferred route IMHO.

Once back at Granya, I headed south, and then up Mount Granya Road. I had been considering activating Mount Bolga VK3/VE-175, but decided on my third activation of Mount Granya, as I was anticipating Glen and Kevin to be on their next summit soon.

Mount Granya VK3/VE-165 863 m 4 points

I parked at the summit and headed down out of the AZ, then back up to the top and set up at the picnic table, nicely in the shade.

First in the log was Brian VK3MCD/2 on VK2/SW-051, followed by Glenn VK3YY/p and Kevin VK3KAB/p on VK3/VT-002. A little later, I worked Andrew VK1/AC-040. I finished up with 38 contacts, most on 40 m, but one on 20 m and two on 30 m.

As I started packing up, an amateur drove up and we spent some time chatting about radio, the bush and SOTA – sorry, I have forgotten the name and callsign. It was then time to head back to Wodonga.

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