Jarvis Creek Plateau VK3/VE-208

27 December 2014

The Alerts page indicated that Andrew VK3BQ/2 was planning a Snowy Mountains activation. I had no family commitments, so decided to head out after a late start. I decided to attempt to get to Mount Talgarno VK3/VE-215. The SOTA database shows this as Mt Talgamo – clearly a misreading of the text on the maps. I have seen other examples of this error – r followed by n being read as m.

I approached via Talgarno Gap Road, Martins Road and Flagstaff Road – all without issue. Until you reach a gate within sight of the summit trig with signs indicating Private Property, No Trespassers, Shooters Prosecuted……. Time for an alternate destination, as time was running out to be on a summit in time to catch Andrew. I decided to head to Jarvis Creek Plateau, which is in State Forest.

Jarvis Creek Plateau VK3/VE-208 694 m 2 points

I approached via Georges Creek Road and Plateau Road, parking short of the junction of Plateau Road and Kirks Track. A quick assessment of the electronic maps and an old 1:25000 map indicate that the summit location may be out by around 740 m, but I have not checked on Google Earth. There are two knolls near the junction of Plateau Road and Kirks Track that are around 700 m altitude, potentially making the correct location a 4 point summit. All three high points appear to possibly be within the same activation zone. I walked into the knoll indicated by SOTA mapping and set up.

On switching on the radio, I heard Kerry VK7PAK/p on VK7/NE-001 and managed to work him for a S2S. I readjusted the dipole and had a drink prior to starting to look for contacts. Next in the log was the intended target – Andrew VK3/BQ/2 on VK2/SM-007 for a second S2S, followed by Nick VK3ANL/p in Churchill National Park. I worked a total of 18 stations. This activation completed the summit for me. I packed up and headed back to the car, then back down to Georges Creek Road, and then to the Murray Valley Highway (B400), then back to Wodonga.

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