Black Mountain

Mum wanted to go to Tumbarumba on Saturday morning, so off we went for a drive. I managed to chase some Activators whilst en route, plus later in the day when heading to Corryong and when back in Walwa.

After returning to Walwa, I checked the Alerts pages to see several upcoming activations. I excused myself and headed off to Black Mountain.

Black Mountain VK3/VE-093  1202 m  8 points  Burrowa-Pine Mountain National Park

I had activated this peak last year, so it was simply a matter of driving to park close to the summit, load up, exit the AZ and then climb to the summit itself. I again used the summit marker pole to support the squid pole.

On turning on the radio, I heard Joe VK3YSP/p and Julie VK3FOWL/p in Mount Eccles National Park, operating on 7.090 MHz. I finished stringing out the antenna, listened for a few more minutes & broke in with my callsign between overs when it sounded as if things may be starting to come to a conclusion. Joe & Julie were delighted with the double surprise: a new National Park for them, plus a SOTA summit. After completing contacts with them both and Chuck VK2SS, the other end of their contact, everyone left the frequency to me, even though I suggested that I would move up the band. In just over 30 minutes, I worked 33 stations on 40 m, then tried 12 m for about 10 minutes before moving to 30 m and then 20 m and posting a spot. Only one contact was made – once again Mike VK6MB on 20 m. I called for a few more minutes with no responses, then moved back to 40 m to hear Rod VK2TWR/p completing his first contact from Mount Tate VK2/SM-005. I managed to complete the S2S contact with Rod and also Dave VK2NC/p, who was with Rod. It was then time to pack up & head back to base.

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