Mt Fatigue VK3/VT-057

Sorry for the short notice for this activation!

I had to make a trip down to South Gippsland on Wednesday 3 July. I had time to attempt to get to Mt Fatigue VK3/VT-057, which had not previously been activated.

The drive down was uneventful, except that I missed one track junction. This caused no major delay – I simply approached from the south west instead of the north west, with about 10 minutes extra drive time.

You can drive all the way to the car park only a metre or so below summit. The last few kilometres are gravel, with some corrugations and pot holes, plus some damp and slippery spots. I drove to the car park and then carried the gear back down the road to outside the AZ before climbing back to the summit.

Mt Fatigue View South

The view south from Mt Fatigue

The trig point is adjacent to the car park. Behind the trig is a nice open-sided picnic shelter. I strapped the squid pole to one of the uprights and strung out the dipole in an east-west orientation. The picnic table made a great operating table.

Mt Fatigue Operating position

The operating position

Mt Fatigue trig

The view to the picnic shelter from near the Mt Fatigue trig

The wind was fairly wild, but temperatures were OK and it was dry. I quickly worked Bernard VK3AMB, Ron VK3AFW, Paul VK5PAS, Andy VK5LA, Andrew VK2UH, Rhett VK3GHZ, Brenton VK2MEV/3, Lindsay VK3IQ and Andrew VK2ONZ, all of which took only 20 minutes.

With no further responses to my CQ calls, I packed up and headed off to complete my main task for the day.

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