Mt Lookout VK3/VT-030 Saturday 22 June 2013

I did not notify that this activation would occur – it was a late decision.

I spent most of the day at the St Gwinear Ski Patrol Inc “on snow” training day. No snow, but frost & ice in parts of the car park all day.

During the morning coffee break, I managed to work Andrew VK1NAM operating VI100ACT – thanks for the new one! This contact was made from inside the Baw Baw National Park.

During the afternoon, a lot of the “requals” were done, with me as an examiner (Ski Patrol requires all members to requalify their first aid qualification every 3 years via ASPA. In addition, several individual skills must be requalified every year).


Ski patrollers with their Subarus at the Mt Saint Gwinear car park

Things were slowing down by just after 1500, so I begged off the rest of the activities and headed to Aberfeldy, having checked with the Parks Victoria staff about road conditions. The Aberfeldy Road had been closed for months to all but residents, following the fires earlier in the year.

The good news – the road is in great shape at present. It took just over 40 minutes for the drive & I parked in the saddle north of the summit, outside the activation zone. I walked back toward “town”, then up Cemetery Road to the Cemetery fence, which had plenty of posts from which to choose to support the squid pole. This location is very close to the spot height of 1115 m on Forest Explorer.


The SOTA station at the Aberfeldy Cemetry, Mt Lookout

I was set up quickly and found strong signals just below 7.090 (I had tentatively spotted via SMS as I started along Cemetery Rd). After tuning around, 7.095 sounded free. As I hit the Lock button, up popped Rik VK3KAN/p at St Gwinear car park chatting with Allen VK3HRA. I finally broke in on them and then quickly qualified the summit. I operated for about 20 minutes and closed as I was getting no more responses to my calls & it was getting cold.


View toward Mt Erica, Talbot Peak and the Latrobe Valley

An uneventful walk back to the car & drive home.

Thanks to the 9 stations worked.And congratulations to Ed VK2JI on reaching 500 Chaser points – well done Ed!

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