SOTA equipment

My SOTA equipment is relatively simple:

  • FT-817 transceiver
  • 4S 5Ah LiPo battery with a cheap DC/DC downconverter to drop the voltage to about 10.5V – this option means I can use the battery with other gear more tolerant of higher voltages. I also carry a LiPo voltage alarm. I usually take 2 batteries, but have only needed to use the second on one occasion – after several activations and without having charged the “main” battery.
  • A 7 m squid pole for antenna support
  • A homebrew 40/20 m link dipole, normally used in inverted V configuration
  • About 8 m of LL195 coax – a little stiff, but lightweight
  • A paper logbook – an Icom logbook is used as I had a couple on hand
  • Some straps and small diameter rope for lashing the squid pole to supports as needed.
  • A nylon fly sheet – keeps off the rain or sun.

Sometimes I take an alternate squid pole, also 7 m when extended, but which incorporates mounting for a 6 element 2 m Yagi. The Yagi uses 2 of the pole sections as the boom and gives good gain but only adds about 250 g to the pack. The Yagi mounts on top of the 4 m high squid pole via a plumbing T fixture piece – I will post some photos when I take some clearer images.

Otherwise, it is standard day-walking gear – a backpack, water, food, clothing etc.

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