Sunday 30 December 2012 Mt Granya

Having moved to Wodonga back in September, my mother was concerned about the health of the plants at her new house after several quite hot days. The result was a decision to return to Wodonga after several days in Walwa. Mum was OK with the idea of doing a SOTA activation en route.

VK3/VE-165 Mt Granya

We drove along the Murray River Road to Granya and climbed up Granya Rd to Mt Granya Rd toward the summit, parking down from the summit.

The picnic table at the summit provided a convenient mast support:


Unfortunately, the shade was not quite useful! During the activation, I experienced my first instance of the iPad shutting down due to high temperature – so much for checking for other spots.

I set up and asked if the frequency was in use, before I had pulled out the legs of the dipole. Ian VK1DI/3 replied from Mt Nelse for a S2S. We completed a contact before my dipole was properly strung out. Mum proved to be a helpful gopher, running out the 2 dipole legs:

MtGranyaAnt Mum helping to string out the dipole.

After chatting with Ian, I moved up to 7.095 and quickly qualified the summit.

After calling a few times with no responses, I dropped back down to 7.090 for brief chat with Ian, only to be joined by Allen VK3HRA/p for a S2S2S 3-way contact at 0213Z. As I took some photos and started packing up, I caught 2 more regulars after they worked Allen – thanks Allen for letting me jump in briefly.

I packed up and we headed back to the car for a late lunch before heading back to Wodonga.

My right foot was giving me a great deal of pain, so off to the local Emergency Department! Spent 3 hours in Emergency – the foot was getting worse & some swelling was evident. I decided to get it checked out. After the usual examinations, X-rays & a blood test, the diagnosis was a soft tissue injury. I would need to take it easy for a few days at least! As best I can remember, the injury most likely happened on Friday whilst bush bashing down from VK3/VE-112 when I stepped into a rabbit/wombat hole hidden in the undergrowth. I only noticed it late on Saturday.

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