Saturday 29 December Mt Mitta Mitta & Mt Elliot

I started a little later today.

VK3/VE-138 Mt Mitta Mitta

MittaMittaI arrived in the summit area of Mt Mitta Mitta VK3/VE-138 just before 1100K and worked VK2ADH/3 in the Greater Bendigo National Park from the car.  I then drove down to the “Summit Picnic Area” to depart the activation zone, then walked back up to a small track just west of comms compound on the actual summit – it has a large fence & lots of signs about no public access. The saddle between the actual summit and a slightly lower knoll to the south would be in the activation zone. I climbed up to the peak of the ridge & set up the station.

A convenient stump supports the mast, with the fire spotter tower inside the compound behind.

Worked 13 stations, including Ian VK1DI/3 on Mt Cope for a S2S contact. Started packing up at about 0055Z and headed for what looked like the logical access route to Mt Elliot.

VK3/VE-151 Mt Elliot

The easiest route to Mt Elliot appears to be via Fishers Track, off the Biggara Rd on the east side of the range. The track was obvious, having a wind sock on a pole next to the gate. BUT it also had a sign saying “This is not a government road” etc, plus many padlocks. So I headed back and around to Corryong to buy some lunch and then the Thowgla Rd to Hall Track. This went through a couple of gates & became steep – 1st gear low range required in the Forester. Made the Mt Elliot Ridge Track OK and headed for the summit – a slow trip.

On the summit, I used the trig point to support the squid pole & self-spotted once ready, a little before 0300Z.


Looking NE from Mt Elliot.


It took about 7-8 minutes of calling before the first contact. Ron VK3AFW told me that Wayne was on The Bluff on 2 m, but the 2 m antenna was down the hill in the car. I worked 7 stations before packing up at about 0345Z.

MtElliotViewWThe summit is a launch site for hanggliders/parasailors. Here is one caught flying across the view towards Mt Mitta Mitta, with Black Mountain and Mt Burrowa beyond:


Just as I got in the car, 2 shuttle cars for hang gliders/parasailors came past & I followed them down Fishers Track. The did not use the main gate, but went through a nearby house area. Much easier than the 4WD track. I thanked the driver of one of the vehicles, had a brief chat & headed for home (Walwa for the moment).

Later in the day, I worked Ian VK1DI/3 on Mt McKay and Wayne VK3WAM/p on Mt Lovick for some more chaser points.

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