Thursday 27 December 2012 Black Mountain

Black Mountain VK3/VE-093 in Burrowa-Pine Mountain National Park

A good day today.

Travel was easier than anticipated (clear tracks) and I was on the summit by
1000K & spotted myself shortly thereafter. The Parks Victoria sign for the summit provided a useful support for the mast:


The mast tied to the summit sign 😉

Worked 11 stations before the UTC day rollover, including Wayne VK3WAM/p for a
S2S contact. Then worked a further 6 contacts on the new UTC day, including a
repeat contact with Wayne that took me past another SOTA milestone as a chaser.

Most of the views from the summit are through the vegetation. There were some small wildflowers on the summit, including these delicate flowers:


Started packing up at around 0030Z & headed back to Walwa for lunch.

I managed to catch Allen VK3HRA/p on both his activations this afternoon, using
the portable dipole plus the rig in the car.

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